False Teeth

A false tooth is any substitute for a tooth that has been lost or is severely damaged and required restorative work. They can take a number of forms and are secured in the mouth using a variety of techniques. Dentures are the most well known form of false teeth but they are not the only ones available.

False teeth have come a long way since people in pre-Modern Italy first started using human and animal teeth to replace their lost teeth. Modern false teeth tend to be made out of acrylic but porcelain is still used in some cases because of its superior chewing ability.

Dentures are still popular because they are relatively cheap and can be removed, but increasingly patients are opting for more permanent solutions like dental implants or dental crowns. You can find more information about different solutions for tooth loss on this website. Whichever one you choose, modern false teeth are incredibly realistic and are able to be fitted far more conveniently than they used to be.

Perhaps even more importantly, you can find information in these pages about how to avoid situations where you might need dentures, dental implants or dental crowns. Accidents are unavoidable and can happen to anyone but there are simple things you can do to give your teeth the best chances of being healthy. After all, it is preferable not to find yourself in the situation where you actually require one of these procedures!

Read on to find a host of information about different types of false teeth, how they work and in which situations they tend to be required.